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over 'nJoy media







18 april 1968


8 mei 1968



22 mei 1968





1 februari 1972




23 mei 1972




mei 1993




















2003, September 23

Compiled by Marcel Massini (CH)



Early Completed


Tested at Modena Aerautodrome


Certificate of origin issued


Registered on Italian license plate of Rome "Roma B 85391"


Sold by Ferrari through official dealer Motors Sas in Rome to the first private owner FIMA SpA, resident in Via Celebria 56 at Rome, Italy, who paid Italian Lire 8.000.000,-


Sold by FIMA SpA to second private owner Gianpaolo Salgarella, Bologna/Italy, who paid Italian Lire 3.000.000,-


Exported from Italy (the PRA document state the car was demolished which was a normal statement when a car was exported).


Owned by Donald W. Fong, Atlanta/GA/USA


Owned by Charlie Kemp, the then official Ferrari-dealer in Jackson/MS/USA

Sold by Kemp to Victor N. Goulet, Chicago/IL/USA

Pictured page 24 of Prancing Horse Magazine, issue # 55

Still owned by Goulet, now living in Southern California/USA, being quietly shopped by Classic Motors of La Jolla/CA

Sold to Henk van de Meene, Holland, but kept in Switzerland

Seen at the Grand Prix of Divonne-Les-Bains (France) with dealer Carlo Perego, using Swiss dealer plates VD 1552-U

For sale by Italian dealer Carlo Perego, resident in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne/Switzerland, using Swiss registration paltes VD 64762, later also using Swiss dealer plates VS 1600-U


Sold to Gerard W.M. van Bergen, resident in Boven Leeuwen (NL)







eind 1960's













vroeg 1990






18 mei 2001






















Compiled by Mike Sheehan (USA)





Car completed. Then used for testing.


Sold by the factory to someone in Italy. Later exported to the USA.


Victor Goulet, USA.


Pictured in "Prancing Horse" #55. pg. 24.


Owned by Henk P.C. Van de Meene, Netherlands, keeps it in Switzerland where it still lives today. Van de Meene builds Hotels. Very wealthy.


Sold to Switzerland.


Carlo Perego, Lausanne, Switzerland. Registered on plates VD 64762.


Seen in the streets of Switzerland. Red/black. Plates: VS 1600


Seen in streets of Maranello by Wouter Brand. Red/black. VD 65762, CH.


From G. Roush to telaio, Subject: Re: Production number Hello Giorgio, 365 GTB/4 Daytona: I have other production numbers as 1,284 and 1,279. I tend to accept 1,279.A

Pictured page 24 of Prancing Horse Magazine, issue # 55


As per call from Jim Lyons, Rob Peacock is in Europe trying to buy this car at $750,000 "ish". My comment was good, for him, it is ALL THE MONEY!


As per e-mail from Marcel Wallenburg at : Subject: s/n 10287 proto sold to Holland: - Hello all prototipo spotters, Good news! s/n 10287 has been sold from Switzerland to the Netherlands. New owner: Mr. G. van Bergen, plates AL-55-80 (NL)


As per e-mail from Marcel Masini: Subject: s/n 10287 proto sold to Holland. Yes, silver originally. It had two Italian owners (I have the ACI PRA docs for this) from 1968 to 1972. It was sold then to Don Fong in Atlanta and on to Charlie Kemp. 10287 after Vic Goulet went thru Classic Motors of La Jolla to Sanders Van der Velden in Holland 1988. He sold it to Henk Van de Meene in Holland 1989. The name of Robbie Peacock is also associated with the car. Van Bergen got it from Italian (not Swiss!!) dealer Carlo Perego in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, who had it for many many years. It is possible that Perego acted as a man of straw for Van de Meene. No, Pat Smiekel didn't drive it. He owns/owned the first production Daytona 11795. I also have old color photographs of 10287 which show the original color and the original license plates from Italy. (Marcel Massini)

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