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This year, the Global Endurance Legends will join forces with the historic grids on four occasions and put on spectacular on-track demonstrations with cars that spectators really adore. Entries are now open. 


The Global Endurance Legends field consists of GTs and prototypes that raced in the most famous endurance events in the 1990s and the noughties (McLaren F1 GTRs, Chrysler Viper GTS-Rs, Audi R8s; Peugeot 908 HDi FAPs, etc). This club takes part in the major historic race meetings, and aims to give its members the opportunity to get the most out of their high-class cars in a high-quality environment.

In 2018, Global Endurance Legends will put on demonstrations at four of the events organised by Peter Auto:


  • Spa-Classic (18-20 May) – three 40-minute sessions

  • Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or (8-10 June) – three 40-minute sessions

  • Le Mans Classic (6-8 July) – two 30-minute sessions

  • Dix Mille Tours (31 August-2 September) – three 40-minute sessions






The 9th Le Mans Classic, which will be staged on 6-7-8 July 2018, will be the occasion for Porsche France to celebrate the 70thanniversary of the make’s sports cars with a race called Porsche Classic Race Le Mans.


Porsche France, in collaboration with Peter Auto, will assemble an exceptional field in which 70 historic Porsches will do battle on the mythical Le Mans circuit where the German manufacturer holds the historic record of 19 outright victories in the Le Mans 24 Hours.


This race will feature models ranging from the first 356s (1952) to the 2.8 RSR (1973). It will also include production versions like the 356 A and B series, 911 Ss, Ts and RSRs, 914/6s, as well as some prototypes from the 1950s and 60s invited to take part so the list of cars expected promises to be a rich one. The cars must have a valid technical passport to compete and entries will be sent in in the form of a dossier to be confirmed by Peter Auto. The list of eligible models is included in appendix.


A flying start will be given to the 55-minute Porsche Classic Race Le Mans on Saturday 7th July in the early afternoon. The previous day entrants will have two 30-minute qualifying sessions (the first in the morning and the second in the evening). The race will have two classifications – scratch and Index of Performance.


The 2.0L grid created this year by Peter Auto will be incorporated into the Porsche Classic Race Le Mans. A reminder that this new series reserved for 2-litre short chassis Porsche 911s complying with the pre-1966 FIA regulations will be run at three Peter Auto meetings in 2018: Spa-Classic (18-20 May), Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or (8-10 June) and the Dix Mille Tours (31st-2nd September).







Three days to see and do everything: not for sure! When the Le Mans Classic gates will close, let's bet that there will still be a lot of things to be discovered in 2020…


OPENING HOURS - Action and entertainment, day and night!

• Friday, July 6, from 09:00 to 02:00
• From Saturday, July 7 at 08:00 to Sunday at 18:00



FROM THE CIRCUIT OPENING ON - Le Mans Classic just for you!

• Free access to all the circuit public areas
• Villages
• Club Enclosures
• All entertainment…



THE COMPETITION - The main topic!

The track - the most desired of the world…
• 6 grids: day and night practice from Friday on, 18 races from Saturday to Sunday
• Group C: the stars which shone on this track in the '80s and early '90s
• Little Big Mans: a parade of hundred budding drivers aboard their mini cars
• The club parades: a - supervised - cavalcade along the legendary 13.6 km layout
• The car manufacturers' parades: when the moderns take over the classics on the track


The paddocks - the best place to meet the drivers
There is the track of course, but also the paddocks where the mechanics work on the car and the drivers wait for their driving session. An extra fee, only in pre-booking, is necessary to be close to the 400 racing cars which model participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1923 and 1979.



THE AUTOMOBILE - All about it…

The Club Enclosures - the biggest international clubs gathering
Over one hundred clubs tell - through 60 makes and over 8,000 cars - the automobile history. It is also, for their owners, track laps, a contest, picnic and many proper activities.

Le Mans Heritage Club - 24 places for the first and foremost club
In the core of the village, the most exclusive of the clubs, the Le Mans Heritage Club, puts together a handpicked selection of 24 racers which competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1923 and 2016.



THE AUCTION - The Le Mans Classic unmissable

• Viewing from Friday on
• Saturday auction... Pleasure to find what you've been longing for or a bargain; or simply to attend, everybody enjoys the Artcurial' sale




Shopping - the automobile enthusiast's paradise! 
• Stores: marquees for one hundred or so professionals who display their ultimate pieces of art or publications, their automobile antiquities and other rare treasures...


Exhibitions - for the eyes' pleasure

• Various displays around a period theme appear out of the bow when you amble around the circuit
• Automobiles sketches


Entertainment - surprises...

• Retro Beauty: hairdresser, manicure, tailor…
• Retro games…
• Music: itinerant groups walk through the village paths to meet the public
• Stages inviting to dance at the '60s hits' tempo!
• Cinema Drive-in: in collaboration with Mk2, automobile open-air cinema, lying on a deck chair or sitting in a car


Dedication sessions - for the autograph's fans
Cards, posters, caps… everything is fine to be signed!


First time of all kinds - thrills from top to bottom

• Helicopter: Le Mans Classic from above (pre-booking option)
• Classic Buses: a long-circuit discovery lap (Pre-booking option) and visit various places inside the circuit
• Track discovery lap as a passenger : unique and in restricted numbers (Pack VIP option only /pre-booking)


CATERING - From the sandwich to the Michelin starred restaurant…

• Public catering: food trucks, themed restaurants, Michelin starred restaurant...
• The Picnic basket (for two):  appetizer, main course, cheese, desert, bread and Le Mans rillettes pâté! Table cloth, napkins, cutlery and plates for two; corkscrew, red Saumur wine and water complete this Le Mans Classic branded charming basket.


VIP HOSPITALITY - Privilege oblige! 

The Privilege Pack: to attend this automobile celebration... in a privileged manner. A premium pack, 1, 2 or 3 days in the Welcome building hospitality right above the pit garages. Just reach the VIP car park, benefit from the exclusive shuttle service, rest, have a Michelin double starred chef meals, tea time…. And as an exclusive option (Pre-booking) a thrilling track lap discovery of the 24 Hours layout!


The program hereunder is a draft to be updated on a regular basis.



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